04 August 2015 by Ralph von der Heyden

Review of the 2015 Apple Macbook

TL;DR Many people turned up their noses on the new 2015 Macbook specs. My first reaction was "skip", after reading the specs and trying the keyboard. Now, I'm loving it. Looking for a new machine The timing for the 2015 Macbook model was as right as it gets. My

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14 November 2014 by Ralph von der Heyden

Time based triggers in Ember.JS

Sometimes you want to poll an API for new data periodically. Sometimes you depend on properties that change over time, but are out of Ember's control. Fear not, Ember's run.later has you covered. If you want to re-evaluate a computed property on a schedule, you need to depend that

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12 November 2014 by Ralph von der Heyden

Simple file encryption on the command line

If you quickly want to encrypt a file using the command line, you don't want to go all fancy with PGP and public keys and stuff. Your preinstalled openssl and a password is all you need. Few people are aware of the fact that openssl can encrypt files, and fewer

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08 May 2014 by Ralph von der Heyden

Wrapping localStorage and other POJOs with Ember.Object

While working in Ember.Object land, you benefit from all the binding and computed property magic EmberJS has to offer. But what to do when you have to step outside its doors? It's actually fairly easy to wrap any JavaScript object using Ember.Object. You just have to make sure

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26 March 2014 by Ralph von der Heyden

reptyr: Resume running processes in screen or tmux

reptyr is a wonderful little utility for Linux systems which enables you to reattach long running processes in screen or tmux. Great if you started something and have to close ssh. In order to install, you need to clone the repository, run make and copy the reptyr binary to some

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24 March 2014 by Ralph von der Heyden

Rails middleware to enable History API for your Single Page Apps

Everybody loves single page apps, but paths containing a pound sign ("#") are a little odd. This is why I like using the History API in my EmberJS powered apps. Turning on History API in Ember is just the matter of switching an attribute. But on the backend side, your server

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