26 March 2014 by Ralph von der Heyden

reptyr: Resume running processes in screen or tmux

reptyr is a wonderful little utility for Linux systems which enables you to reattach long running processes in screen or tmux. Great if you started something and have to close ssh. In order to install, you need to clone the repository, run make and copy the reptyr binary to some

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24 March 2014 by Ralph von der Heyden

Rails middleware to enable History API for your Single Page Apps

Everybody loves single page apps, but paths containing a pound sign ("#") are a little odd. This is why I like using the History API in my EmberJS powered apps. Turning on History API in Ember is just the matter of switching an attribute. But on the backend side, your server

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01 February 2014 by Ralph von der Heyden

Introduction to strace

Thinking that you have pretty profound UNIX knowledge? Think again if you don't know how to strace. This introduction to strace by Chad Fowler finally persuaded me to check out this little UNIX tool. I made several attempts in the past, but each time I attached it to a running

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12 January 2012 by Ralph von der Heyden on rails

Why I roll my own authentication

This is what got me started writing this post: In the Rails world, we are holding up the DRY principle high. One outcome of this is that people do put stuff that has to be done for many applications into gems, to be reused. Authentication is such a case, as

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02 December 2011 by Ralph von der Heyden on rails | ruby

Classes are separations of concerns or why too much magic hurts

I am currently working on a project that requires me to scope nearly all database queries by customer_id, because, you probably get the idea, each and every customer has its own set of data. Furthermore, the Customer class does not inherit from ActiveRecord::Base, nor is it an ActiveModel

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