Welcome to Ralph's Blog

Well, I guess every Blog has to have an initial post. This is my take.
Well, I plan to use this blog for ramblings about web development. I am
especially interested in Rails and performance, so you can guess where
the main focus of my posts will be. If you want to get to know me
better, I recommend visiting my website.

In the end, I do not want to forget the technical mumble-jumble: This
blog is run by jekyll, the static
site generator. It works much like page caching in Rails does, with all
the caching done in advance. With the help of jekyll, I was able to
create this blog in just a few hours. On the downside, some details do
not work yet, like tags and a time based archive. At least I got
comments. Comments, I say? Yes, comments! Well you can always add some
dynamics to your static pages, as long as the code is executed on the
client. For the specific case of comments, I use
DISQUS, a JavaScript solution. I hope this will
work out well!

Be sure to grab the feed to catch the latest and greatest!

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